Online Community Service: 30+ Ways To Get Involved From Afar in 2022 and Beyond - Capital One Shopping (2023)

Online Community Service: 30+ Ways To Get Involved From Afar in 2022 and Beyond

Online Community Service: 30+ Ways To Get Involved From Afar in 2022 and Beyond - Capital One Shopping (1)

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One thing the last year has shown us is that many jobs and activities can be done from the comfort of our own homes — including volunteering. Even if you can’t physically go somewhere to volunteer, there are plenty of ways you can get involved and donate your time to make a difference for organizations and causes that are meaningful to you.

In this guide, we highlight over 30 online community service opportunities you can sign up for, as well as additional tips for fostering community this year and beyond.

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Health and Well-Being

Online Community Service: 30+ Ways To Get Involved From Afar in 2022 and Beyond - Capital One Shopping (2)

If you’re interested in making a true impact on the health and well-being of others, these remote volunteer opportunities are for you. From providing emotional support to those in crisis to helping make the world more accessible to the visually impaired, the below online community service opportunities are sure to help someone in need.

1. Sidelines

Sidelines is a nonprofit organization that supports women who are experiencing high-risk pregnancies. As a volunteer, you’ll be matched with a soon-to-be mother and will offer your emotional support via phone or email during the remainder of their pregnancy. Most volunteers are those who have also experienced a complicated pregnancy, so they know firsthand how to support their peers.

2. Empower Work

Empower Work is a nonprofit text hotline that connects peer counselors with adults who are facing tough workplace situations. Their mission is to empower individuals to thrive in the workplace, increasing their economic and emotional well-being. As a volunteer peer counselor, you’ll be able to lift others up and make a difference in their lives and careers.


RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network) is an anti-sexual violence organization that provides crisis counseling to victims and survivors. As a volunteer, you’ll receive crisis training and be responsible for providing virtual support to victims of sexual assault and their loved ones.

4. Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes is a free mobile app with a mission to make the world more accessible for blind and visually impaired individuals. As a volunteer, you’ll provide visual assistance to these individuals via video chat, helping with things like reading instructions, checking expiration dates and distinguishing colors.

5. IMAlive

While some people may hesitate to pick up the phone and call a crisis hotline, IMAlive offers a live online crisis service through their instant messaging platform. As a volunteer, you will provide emotional support to those in crisis to help alleviate their anxiety by suggesting different coping mechanisms to help minimize the risk of self-harm or other dangerous behaviors. Crisis training is provided to all volunteers and you must commit to volunteering for four hours a week for one year.

Education and Literacy

Online Community Service: 30+ Ways To Get Involved From Afar in 2022 and Beyond - Capital One Shopping (3)

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Are you a literature buff, a science enthusiast or a math wiz? The below virtual volunteer opportunities are a great way to flex your knowledge and give your time to those who could use the help, straight from your home office.

6. Distributed Proofreaders

Distributed Proofreaders is a web-based platform whose goal is to preserve public domain books by converting them into e-books. As a volunteer, you can help by proofreading individual pages, checking pre-released e-books for errors, providing content or making suggestions for process and site improvements.

7. Oakwood Education Foundation

The Oakwood Education Foundation’s mission is to bridge the educational gap and provide underprivileged students with the support and resources they need to thrive inside and outside of school. They pair these students with tutors who can help them with a variety of different subjects.

You only need to be 15 years old to apply to be a tutor — you can choose subjects you feel most confident in, and then offer free study services to those who don’t have access to private tutors.

8. UPchieve

UPchieve is a free online platform that provides online tutoring and college counseling to low-income high school students. As a volunteer, you’ll become an academic coach and connect one-on-one with students to provide tutoring in different subjects as well as college advice that can increase their academic progress and chances of going to college — an opportunity they’re not always given otherwise.

9. TeensGive

TeensGive provides a great volunteer opportunity for high school students that can be done virtually. As an online volunteer, you’ll provide academic tutoring to students in underserved communities who are attending Title 1 schools and are performing below their grade level.

10. Learn To Be

Learn To Be is another nonprofit online tutoring service that helps underserved kids reach their academic goals. As a volunteer, you’ll provide one-on-one tutoring to elementary, middle school or high school students in subjects they may be struggling with.

11. Science Buddies

Science Buddies is an online platform where science enthusiasts can volunteer their time to share their expertise and answer science-related questions for K-12 students. High school students and adults who love science are welcome to apply.


Online Community Service: 30+ Ways To Get Involved From Afar in 2022 and Beyond - Capital One Shopping (4)

There are so many organizations and causes out there looking for compassionate individuals to help make a difference in the lives of people all over the world. Make your voice heard by signing up for a virtual volunteer opportunity you truly care about.

12. Missing Maps

Missing Maps creates maps of unmapped communities around the world that are at risk of suffering from disasters and crises. In turn, these maps can help organizations better serve and respond to these communities should a disaster occur. Volunteers can help by tracing satellite imagery and adding communities and street names to the database so they can be found and reached in times of need.

13. Nabuur

Volunteers at Nabuur help communities and villages in Africa, Asia and Latin America by collaborating and coming up with ideas to solve local issues affecting residents. As a volunteer, you’ll connect with members of these communities and share your knowledge and ideas to help solve issues in developing countries.

14. Humanitarian Data Exchange

Humanitarian Data Exchange is a platform designed to help find, share and use humanitarian data all in one place. Virtual volunteers can help by adding information to the online database, making it easier for individuals or organizations to access this information for analysis.

15. allows you to create online petitions on social or humanitarian issues you’re passionate about. You can start a petition for free, share it with your community and increase support for a cause you believe in. Start a petition supporting grassroots movements to drive support from your community and encourage others to get involved. These ongoing efforts made by ordinary citizens can make a huge impact on the decisions of policymakers.

16. Tarjimly

Tarjimly is an app that provides support to refugees who are struggling with language barriers. Volunteers can fill out a language profile and connect with refugees who speak the same language. Through the online chat, volunteers can help provide translation assistance to those who need it.

17. United Nations Volunteers

Similar to Tarjimly, multilingual volunteers can help translate important documents for organizations all over the world with the United Nations. The UN also has additional volunteer opportunities available including writing, editing, art and design.

18. DoSomething

DoSomething is a nonprofit organization that empowers young people to get involved with social change. Through their digital platform, you can volunteer for a variety of different campaigns in order to help solve real-world social issues.

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Social Impact

Online Community Service: 30+ Ways To Get Involved From Afar in 2022 and Beyond - Capital One Shopping (5)

From guiding youth through tough situations to lending a helping hand to seniors, helping even one person can be just as meaningful as fighting for larger issues. If you’re looking to make a positive social impact, here are a few online opportunities you can look into today.

19. The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project is a national organization providing crisis and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ+ youth under the age of 25. As a remote volunteer, you can become a digital crisis counselor, where you’ll be responsible for responding to chats and texts from youth. You’ll help guide them through issues like coming out, suicide or identity crises. All volunteers will receive training on how to best handle these situations.

20. Girls Inc.

Girls Inc. is an organization focused on inspiring young girls to be smart, strong and independent young women. You can become a volunteer social media ambassador, where you’ll help spread and amplify the organization’s message — and you only need to dedicate five minutes each week!

21. Operation Gratitude

Show your support for first responders, military troops and veterans by writing thank you letters and sending them through Operation Gratitude. The nonprofit organization sends out care packages that include letters from grateful Americans — it’s an easy and simple way to give thanks to service members and make someone’s day.

Online Community Service: 30+ Ways To Get Involved From Afar in 2022 and Beyond - Capital One Shopping (6)

22. Lifetime Connections Without Walls

Lifetime Connections Without Walls provides online classes and activities for seniors to participate in from their homes. All you have to do to volunteer is sign up to facilitate a session and help put a smile on someone’s face.


DOROT provides another opportunity for volunteers to make a difference in the lives of lonely older adults. As a volunteer, you can sign up to send cards, make calls or connect with a senior over Zoom. You’ll be matched with a senior and dedicate 30 minutes a week to connect, chat and bond with them from the comfort of your own homes.

24. Cards for a Cause

Cards for a Cause is a nonprofit organization dedicated to lifting the spirits of ill or hospitalized children by creating and sending handmade cards. You can make a child’s day a little brighter by sending your cards to Cards for a Cause and they’ll ship it out to a child who could use the smile during a difficult time.

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Environment, Animals and Wildlife

Online Community Service: 30+ Ways To Get Involved From Afar in 2022 and Beyond - Capital One Shopping (7)

Whether it’s making phone calls to voters or sharing important messages via social media, the below online community service opportunities allow volunteers to support initiatives that help protect our environment and the animals that live in it.

25. Humane Society

Humane Society volunteers can make an impact from home by making phone calls to voters around the country to gain support for ballot initiatives. These initiatives include matters like animal cruelty, wildlife protection and farm animal protection.

26. ZSL Instant Wild

Volunteering through ZSL Instant Wild is one of the easiest ways to help contribute to the conservation and protection of our wildlife. All you have to do is identify and tag animals in images and videos either online or through the smartphone app, which helps scientists better protect wildlife.

27. Sierra Club

Sierra Club is an online platform designed to encourage people to take action on environmental issues. To get involved, simply join any of the campaigns listed on their website.

28. Togean Conservation Foundation

Togean Conservation Foundation is a charity organization whose mission is to protect the wildlife and culture on the Togean Islands in Indonesia. As a volunteer, you can help remotely by assisting with grants and fundraising, designing campaigns or helping with the creation and distribution of newsletters and other online content.

29. World Animal Foundation

World Animal Foundation is dedicated to preserving and protecting our planet and its wildlife — and they’re always looking for virtual volunteers who can help. To find out more about their virtual volunteer opportunities, fill out the form on their volunteer page.

30. NRDC

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is another organization focused on protecting the Earth and its people, animals and plants. You can get involved virtually by volunteering to share important information and messages on social media or by contacting legislators about bills that pose a threat to the environment.

31. Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth is committed to pushing for reforms that are needed to make our Earth and environment a healthier place. You can take action by volunteering to contact Congress about important issues or by contacting big companies to demand change.

Holiday Service Ideas

Online Community Service: 30+ Ways To Get Involved From Afar in 2022 and Beyond - Capital One Shopping (8)

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Though the season of giving should be year-round, the holidays are a special time to spread cheer even from afar. Below are a few ways you can get involved and help make someone’s holiday season merry and bright.

32. Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots collects new and unwrapped toys to give to children in need around the holidays to spread Christmas joy. If you’re not able to physically drop off a gift, you can still help out by purchasing toys through their website and sending a virtual toy box.

33. Adopt a Family

Adopt a Family is a Salvation Army program that helps families in difficult circumstances who don’t have the resources to celebrate the holidays. When you adopt a family, you can provide them with food, clothes and gifts to help make their holiday special. To apply to adopt a family, contact your local Salvation Army or donate money via their website to support a family in need.

Online Community Service: 30+ Ways To Get Involved From Afar in 2022 and Beyond - Capital One Shopping (9)

34. Operation Santa

Operation Santa is a program run by the U.S. Postal Service where volunteers can “adopt” a letter a child writes to Santa and help fulfill the child’s holiday wishes. You can answer one or more of these letters, do some holiday shopping, then drop the gifts off at any participating post office in your area.

34. Operation Christmas Child

Similar to Toys for Tots, Operation Christmas Child is a project run by Samaritan’s Purse that sends shoeboxes filled with toys, hygiene items and school supplies to children outside of the U.S. who have been affected by poverty, war, natural disaster, famine or disease. You can make your own shoebox or build one online through their website.

35. Card Swap for Warriors

Chronic Warrior Collective is an organization connecting individuals who are battling long-term illnesses all over the world. They host a monthly card swap, including a holiday card swap, where individuals can send letters and cards to encourage those fighting chronic illnesses.

Additional Ways to Foster Community and Give Back

Aside from making a difference through these online community service opportunities, there are many ways you can get involved in your local neighborhood. Whether gathering donations for the less fortunate or helping a neighbor in need, making an impact and creating change starts in our own backyards.

Not only are these ideas a great way for adults to get involved, but they’re also the perfect opportunity to teach kids the importance of community, kindness and giving. Here are some additional ways you can foster a sense of community, get your children involved and give back to your neighborhood.

Donate clothes and shoes. Clean out your closet and donate your old clothes or shoes to local drop-off centers like Goodwill or Salvation Army in your neighborhood. Clothes or shoes that may be catching dust in your closet can make a big difference to someone who needs it.

Plant a tree. Tree planting is a simple and effective way you can do your part to help our environment and better the planet. Search for local organizations or schools that hold tree planting events to get involved in your area.

Donate old books and magazines. Daycares and local hospitals are always open to receiving new or used books and magazines for their students and patients. Dust off your bookshelf and visit your nearest hospital or daycare to spread some kindness to others.

Plan a collection drive. Collection drives can be for a variety of items, including canned food, clothes, blankets, diapers or bottles and cans for recycling. The list is endless! This is a great way to get your community involved and collect needed items for a charitable cause.

Foster an animal. There are hundreds of animals waiting to be adopted in communities all over our nation. Even if you’re not committed to owning an animal, you can help by caring for a shelter pet until they find their forever home.

Make blankets to donate. Hospitals, homeless shelters and women’s shelters are always looking for warm blanket donations to give to those they serve. Get creative by making a handcrafted blanket to send warmth to those in need.

Host a community cleanup. If you’re looking to bring your community together, what better way to do so than by making sure it’s taken care of. Host a community cleanup and visit local parks to pick up trash and litter to preserve the beloved neighborhoods in your community.

Support your local small businesses. Shopping and showing your support for local businesses is important because they’re operated by your neighbors! By supporting them, you’re also supporting the local economy.

Be a friend to your neighbors. From offering to go grocery shopping for a senior neighbor to cooking and delivering a meal to a neighbor who is sick, simple acts of kindness can go a long way.

When it comes to volunteering your time, the possibilities are endless. If you’re ready to get involved and make a difference in the lives of others around the world, these online community service opportunities are the perfect place to start. Check out our computer deals so you’re equipped with all of the resources to give back this year and beyond.

Online Community Service: 30+ Ways To Get Involved From Afar in 2022 and Beyond - Capital One Shopping (10)

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How can I be of help to the community that I live in today? ›

Donate Stuff

There are more ways to help the community than by just contributing your time or money. Even by donating your unwanted possessions, you could be helping someone in need. Consider donating unwanted items to charity shops, or contributing unused food to a food bank.

What help can I offer my community and how will I start it? ›

Ways to Help Your Community
  • Get a flu shot. ...
  • Help your local food pantry. ...
  • Give blood if you're able. ...
  • Volunteer your time. ...
  • Check on neighbors and family members, especially those who live alone, are elderly, have health or mobility issues or are caring for children.

What are the examples of community projects? ›

10 Examples of Great Community Service Projects
  • Collect Food. Contact your local food bank and they will provide you with the necessary information and materials to have a food drive. ...
  • Recycling Program. ...
  • Community Garden. ...
  • Cleanup. ...
  • Blood drive. ...
  • Neighborhood Watch Group. ...
  • Give New Coats to Kids in Need. ...
  • Community Newsletter.
Aug 2, 2018

What are the greatest needs for service in your community? ›

Community Needs
  1. Safety. Nearly all residents list safety as an essential feature of a good community. ...
  2. Economic Health. ...
  3. Education/Enrichment. ...
  4. Natural Environment. ...
  5. Image/Reputation. ...
  6. Overall Appearance. ...
  7. Sense of Community. ...
  8. Health and Wellness Opportunities.
Mar 8, 2022

What are the four examples of community service volunteer? ›

Volunteer For Things in Your Community:
  • Volunteer at your local library.
  • Volunteer to chaperone a field trip.
  • Volunteer with a local nonprofit.
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter.
  • Volunteer at a community center.
  • Volunteer as a lifeguard.
  • Volunteer to be a crossing guard.
  • Volunteer to do social media for a local org.
Mar 15, 2022

What is an example of community service? ›

This could be things like animal welfare, helping sick kids, encouraging reading and writing, providing assistance at a homeless shelter, cooking or social media. We have put together a list of community service project ideas that covers all these areas, and more.

What are examples of social action projects? ›

These include volunteering, fundraising, campaigning, or supporting peers. Young people don't have to try and save the world on their own. Taking small positive actions to improve your home, school or local community can all make a big difference.

How do I make money in my community? ›

The opportunities to make money for community members
  1. 1) Job boards in your community. ...
  2. 2) Exclusive Coupons for community members. ...
  3. 3) NFTs (implied opportunity to sell them and make money) ...
  4. 4) Airdropped cryptocurrencies. ...
  5. 5) Freelance gigs. ...
  6. 6) Venture investments (finding investors) ...
  7. 7) Cash won via competitions.
Jan 12, 2022

How can you help the community without money? ›

Here are 8 ways to give to charity without donating money:
  1. Use your social network to speak out! ...
  2. Donate your birthday. ...
  3. Stay informed. ...
  4. Donate supplies or gently used items. ...
  5. Volunteer your time. ...
  6. Write to your elected official. ...
  7. Leave a donation in your will. ...
  8. Shop online with charitable platforms.

What are some examples for good online community? ›

Take a look at these 5 types of online communities for ideas on all the different forms that online communities can take.
  • Brand communities. ...
  • Learning communities. ...
  • Interest communities. ...
  • Fan communities. ...
  • Brand community example: Nia Technique. ...
  • Learning community example: Layla Martin.
May 12, 2022

How do I get people to join my online community? ›

How To Get More People To Join Your Online Community
  1. Utilize basic tactics to grow your community. ...
  2. Work on your invites. ...
  3. Encourage members to grow their own following. ...
  4. Create unique areas within your community for the people you want to join. ...
  5. Plan activities which stimulate referrals. ...
  6. Talk about people you want to join.
Aug 31, 2009

How can I get people to donate to me online? ›

9 Proven Steps to Collect More Online Donations
  1. Create a customized donation form.
  2. Set up a crowdfunding page.
  3. Add recurring donations intervals to your donation form.
  4. Enable peer-to-peer fundraising for online campaigns.
  5. Create a donation matching campaign.
  6. Utilize awith a goal meter to reach your goal faster.
Feb 21, 2023

What are the most common community services? ›

List of Community Service Examples
  • Collect unused makeup and perfume to donate to a center for abused women.
  • Help register people to vote.
  • Organize a car wash and donate the profits to charity.
  • Help deliver meals and gifts to patients at a local hospital.
  • Write articles / give speeches advocating financial literarcy.
Jan 16, 2020

What are the 8 types of community engagement? ›

Types of Community Engagement
  • Community Building. Projects that intentionally bring people together to simply get to know one another. ...
  • Community Education. ...
  • Community Organizing. ...
  • Deliberative Dialogue. ...
  • Direct Service. ...
  • Economic Development. ...
  • Engaged Research. ...
  • Institutional Engagement.

What are the 4 types of community needs? ›

It may be helpful to categorize needs into four categories: perceived needs, expressed needs, absolute needs, and relative needs.

What are the 5 needs of the community? ›

Basic needs can include food, housing, transportation, wellness, and other important services. This page is meant to help connect students and their families to basic needs information and resources, and it will evolve as more resources are added.

How do you meet basic needs? ›

9 Ways to Fulfill Your Basic Needs
  1. Why Is It Important To Fulfill Your Basic Needs?
  2. Eat Well.
  3. Drink Water.
  4. Get Your Sleep.
  5. Exercise Regularly.
  6. Go to the Doctor.
  7. Practice Meditation.
  8. Speak up for Yourself.
Jul 28, 2020

What is the most popular form of volunteering? ›

Fundraising for an event is the most common type of volunteer role in the United States. 70% of corporate volunteers believe volunteerism boosts morale more that company mixers.

What counts as a community activity? ›

Community Activity means the normal activities taking place within a local community to include residential, site preparation and construction, government, commercial, institutional, and industrial activities.

What is the difference between volunteering and community service? ›

Community service is a non-paying job performed by one person or a group of people for the benefit of their community or its institutions. Community service is distinct from volunteering, since it is not always performed on a voluntary basis. It may be performed for a variety of reasons.

What are the 4 types of social action? ›

Max weber” stated that, there are four ideal types of social actions* . Which are as follow, goal rational social action, value rational social action, affective social action and traditional social action.

What are example of social activities in a community? ›

Community activities, volunteering and civic responsibility

joining a Surf Life Saving Club, a scouting group or a local environmental or clean-up group. helping with a primary school play, or coordinating or coaching junior sport. setting up an arts space for the community or getting involved in youth radio.

What are the 5 steps of social action? ›

1. Awareness building stage:
  • Awareness building stage:
  • Organizing stage:
  • Strategies development stage:
  • Action stage:

How can I make money living anywhere? ›

If you are similarly looking to make some extra cash, here are 10 ways you could do so without leaving your home.
Quick links:
  1. Sell unwanted items online.
  2. Freelance your skills.
  3. Make and sell handmade items.
  4. Complete online surveys.
  5. Start a blog.
  6. Tutor online.
  7. Invest in the stock market.
  8. Become a translator.

How can I be a kind person without money? ›

Keep reading to learn about the 16 ways you can be kind without breaking your budget.
  • Send a handwritten note. ...
  • Listen without distractions. ...
  • Share your affirmations out loud. ...
  • Give Blood. ...
  • Volunteer your time. ...
  • Pay it forward. ...
  • Offer to babysit. ...
  • Offer technology help.
Aug 19, 2021

How can I get money for the poor? ›

How to Raise Money for Charities
  1. Talk to the nonprofit you're raising funds for. ...
  2. Host your own fundraising event. ...
  3. Get a little help from your friends. ...
  4. Empower others to do their own outreach. ...
  5. Sharpen your strategizing skills.
Oct 18, 2022

What are 5 ways to help the poor? ›

How to Help Poverty Issues in Your Community
  1. Challenge ideas and assumptions. ...
  2. Create awareness/get informed. ...
  3. Donate funds and time & find volunteer opportunities. ...
  4. Make kits or fundraise for those experiencing homelessness in your neighborhood. ...
  5. Attend demonstrations or rallies to increase awareness. ...
  6. Create jobs.
Oct 5, 2022

What is the most popular online community? ›

Reddit is the world's largest collection of online communities, and new ones can be started by anyone.

What are 3 positive aspects of an online community? ›

With a community, you can:
  • Create real connections.
  • Stand out from the competition with a better customer experience.
  • Generate leads and acquire new members.
  • Improve your products and programs by gathering and addressing feedback.
  • Decrease support costs by crowdsourcing support.
Dec 16, 2020

Where can I find online groups? ›

Where should you look?
  • Check Out Social Media.
  • Subscribe to Newsletters.
  • Join a Support Group.
  • Try a Virtual Club or Class.
  • Check Out Your Local Library Website.
Mar 12, 2021

How do I join a Google community? ›

Join a Community

Search on a topic of interest to you. To view a Community before you join, tap the Community. Once you find a Community you want to join, tap Join. If you need permission to join a Community, it will say Ask to join instead.

How do I get a community member to participate? ›

10 Tips to Encourage Community Engagement in Diverse Communities
  1. Plan to spend a lot of time in your engagement process – prepare, consult, and report. ...
  2. Research the culture. ...
  3. Don't take anything personally. ...
  4. Be patient. ...
  5. Be creative. ...
  6. Create an inclusive social group. ...
  7. Reach out to leaders. ...
  8. Provide a digital option.
Oct 9, 2018

How do I find my own community? ›

8 Tips on How to Find Your Community
  1. Spend Some Time Working Out Your Hobbies and Interests. ...
  2. Reach Out to Your Current Friends. ...
  3. Try to Get Into Fitness or Sports Groups. ...
  4. Find and Attend Places of Worship. ...
  5. Find and Participate in Support Groups. ...
  6. Join Advocacy or Volunteer Groups.
Jun 17, 2022

Who donates money to individuals? ›

A philanthropist is a person who donates time, money, experience, skills or talent to help create a better world.

How can I get donations for myself? ›

12 of the Best Fundraising Sites for Nonprofits and Individuals
  1. Donorbox.
  2. Kickstarter.
  3. GoFundMe.
  4. Crowdfunder.
  5. Indiegogo.
  6. Patreon.
  7. Facebook Fundraising.
  8. PayPal.
Feb 16, 2023

How do I get people to send me money? ›

Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic! Luckily, you can get people to send you money online.
9 Sites Where You Can Get Strangers to Give You Money
  1. GoFundMe. You've probably heard of GoFundMe before. ...
  2. Begging Money. ...
  3. CyberBeg. ...
  4. Ko-Fi. ...
  5. Patreon. ...
  6. Crowdfunder. ...
  7. Indiegogo. ...
  8. Fundly.

How can I help my community as a student? ›

Here are some ways to get started:
  1. Be a good neighbor. Introduce yourself. ...
  2. Organize a “back to school day” for adults. ...
  3. Offer your expertise. ...
  4. Become a mentor. ...
  5. Bring a problem that needs a solution. ...
  6. Make high school part of community revitalization. ...
  7. Consider running for school board.

What can you contribute to your community as a youth? ›

Community activities, volunteering and civic responsibility

joining a Surf Life Saving Club, a scouting group or a local environmental or clean-up group. helping with a primary school play, or coordinating or coaching junior sport. setting up an arts space for the community or getting involved in youth radio.

How can you be actively involved in helping your community address its problems today? ›

People can get involved in many ways--here are just a few: Get involved in planning processes like creating goals or defining the problem. Donate money or help out with a fundraising effort. Volunteer to staff the office, answer phones, put together mass mailings, or make phone calls.

What are some examples of community services that students can engage in? ›

The following are some of the top ideas for students who want to get involved in their communities.
  • Offer Tutoring Services. ...
  • Clean Up Trash On or Off Campus. ...
  • Support Donation Drives for the Less Fortunate. ...
  • Help with Non-Profit Fundraising. ...
  • Coach Sports for Local Kids. ...
  • Volunteer at Homeless Shelters. ...
  • Help with Blood Drives.
Jan 6, 2023

What community service looks best for college? ›

15 community service ideas for college students
  1. Volunteer with local organizations. ...
  2. Participate in trash cleanup. ...
  3. Offer free college essay workshops. ...
  4. Make hygiene, first-aid and food kits for donation. ...
  5. Provide cost-free child care in your community. ...
  6. Run a voter registration drive. ...
  7. Coach a sports team.

What are the community activities? ›

Community Activity means the normal activities taking place within a local community to include residential, site preparation and construction, government, commercial, institutional, and industrial activities.

What are some examples of contribution to society? ›

There are well known contributions most of them will do in their personal and professional life to save the environment – like Saving water, Planting a tree, saving Fuel, Donation of blood, donating body parts after death, Follow traffic rules, Don't drink and drive, Don't smoke in public places and not to make ...

How can you contribute to community well being? ›

We can explore each of these attributes for factors that contribute to community wellbeing.
  1. Offer social support.
  2. Enhance social trust.
  3. Support members living harmoniously together.
  4. Foster civic engagement.
  5. Empower all members to participate in community and democracy.

What are the types of community participation? ›

A Guide to Participation Types in Communities

To achieve Community Activation, your overall strategy should be centered around the top three types of participation: Functional Participation, Interactive Participation, and Self-Mobilization.

What is community involvement examples? ›

Community involvement is the power to bring positive, measurable change to both the communities in which you operate and to your business. Community involvement examples include in-kind and financial donations, employee volunteer days, enduring nonprofit partnerships, and more.

What strategies can be used to encourage people's participation? ›

8 tips on how to encourage citizen participation
  • Start with your citizen engagement platform. ...
  • Citizen Participation through email. ...
  • Get social with social media. ...
  • Don't forget offline engagement tools. ...
  • Use your existing contacts. ...
  • Post updates regularly. ...
  • Create a safe space for the community to participate.
Jul 28, 2022

At what age do you think kids can volunteer? ›

The word "volunteering" may not make much sense to your young child, but even children as young as three can learn the value of helping people and places in need.

How can we help poor people for kids? ›

Ways to Help poor child
  • Donating to an NGO is a great way of helping poor. ...
  • Become a fundraiser. ...
  • Volunteer with a charity. ...
  • Become a campaigner for a cause. ...
  • Imparting Education.
Jun 7, 2016

How can you perform your service to your family? ›

3 Ways to Serve Your Family Without Adding More to Your Plate
  1. Prioritize being with them—not just doing for them. My wife loves it when I take something off her plate. ...
  2. Turn down something you love to do. The truest demonstration of love is giving up something you love for someone you love more. ...
  3. Celebrate the expected.
May 28, 2019


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