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What is the passing score for the counselor preparation comprehensive examination? ›

Results. CPCE scores will be available on your Pearson VUE account approximately 1-hour after the exam is completed. The minimum passing score for the CPCE is 90 plus or minus the standard error of the mean.

Is the Cpce exam difficult? ›

The CPCE exam assesses test-takers based on the eight common core areas that counseling degree-awarding programs emphasize. For a student of good standing, the test will not be difficult, but rather an overview of knowledge already synthesized.

What happens if I don't pass the Cpce exam? ›

ANSWER: A student will be given three opportunities to pass all sections of the CPCE. If the student fails to receive a passing score on their first attempt, they must retake the exam a second time. If the student fails to receive a passing score on their second attempt, they must retake the exam a third time.

Do you have to pass the CPCE? ›

What is a passing score? There is no set passing score for the CPCE, as each school will set their own.

How many questions do I need to get right on the NCE? ›

There are many forms of the NCE and typically the cutoff for passing the exam is in the 90s (97, 91, 99, etc.) – out of 160 questions. One hundred questions correct out of 160 is 62.5%. Never has the cutoff for the NCE been higher than 65% correct out of 160 so it is a very passable exam, with your preparation.

How long should comprehensive exam answers be? ›

How long does an answer to a specific section (question) need to be? Between 1200 and 1500 words, each, not including references. Of that, most must be your original writing, not citations. A few well-chosen quotes are fine to include, but do NOT cite excessively to fill the pages.

What happens if you fail the Cpce 3 times? ›


A subsequent failure will postpone graduation. Students who fail the exam three (3) times should consult with their advisor to discuss a remedial plan in order to graduate. The CPCE national norms are used to determine the minimum passing score.

What is considered passing on the CPCE? ›

Fortunately, it is my understanding a pass rate is usually established at 72% and above. Perhaps the purpose of this exit exam is to prep you for the NCE. I understand it is even harder. the way the CPCE score notification process will work.

How many people fail NCE? ›

NOTE: In recent years the fail rate for the first time administration of this exam is close to 60%.

How many questions are on each section of the CPCE? ›

How many questions are on the CPCE Exam? The Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Exam (CPCE) asks 160 multiple-choice questions, with 20 questions in each of the core areas.

Do you know if you pass the NCE right away? ›

A: You will know your score as soon as you are finished; however, NBCC will notify you several weeks after the completion of the exam if your score meets the requirements for a pass or fail.

What is a passing CPCE score for Liberty university? ›

The exam coordinator will not be able to confirm a student's passing score until receiving the official results from the CCE. Ex: The passing score for version 100122 is a 75/136 or higher.

What is the purpose of the Cpce exam? ›

The Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination (CPCE) is an evaluation tool that assesses students' competence of foundational, counseling-related knowledge. The CPCE is designed to assess students who have completed graduate-level courses; courses that are grounded primarily in a counseling curriculum.

What is the purpose of Cpce? ›

The Center for Credentialing & Education (CCE) has developed the Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination (CPCE). The purpose of the CPCE is to assess a student's knowledge of core counseling areas taught in counselor education programs.

What percent of people pass NCE first-time? ›

The pass rate for the 2,508 first-time candidates is 84.5%. The pass rate is lower for repeat examinees.

How many hours a week should I study for NCE? ›

If you are diligently preparing for the exam, you are devoting roughly 10 hours a week to dedicated study time. Those 10 hours are taking you away from your family, your free time, your school work, your life.

Is a 92 passing the NCE? ›

There are 200 questions on the NCE exam. The cutoff score to be considered as passing is in the high 90s.

What is the passing score for the NCE 2023? ›

NCE Scores

A passing score is usually between 98 and 105, fluctuating slightly with each test administration. Scores take eight weeks to get back.

How do I study for a comprehensive exam? ›

8 Ways to Prepare for Comprehensive Exams
  1. Take notes. Establish a note taking system. ...
  2. Educate yourself. ...
  3. Learn from others. ...
  4. Role play. ...
  5. Dress rehearsal. ...
  6. Practice, Practice, Practice. ...
  7. Rephrase. ...
  8. It's okay to say, “I don't know.” The oral exam is meant to find out what you know…and what you don't.

Is a comprehensive exam multiple-choice? ›

As the name implies, the “comprehensive examination" evaluates students' understanding of the broad endeavors of psychologists and psychological researchers via a 170-item multiple-choice exam, not unlike the Psychology GRE or various state licensing exams.

How long should you spend preparing for an exam? ›

“The 5-Day Plan”

Ideally, studying should start at least five days in advance of the exam to allow students an ample amount of time to go over course concepts and materials, and reach out to their instructor or peers if they find they have any questions.

Is 120 on NCE passing? ›

What is the NCE Passing Score? No score is known to be considered a passing score.

What is the pass mark for comprehensive exam? ›

Below 70% is unsatisfactory, 70% to 90% is satisfactory, and above 90% is excellent. For a student to pass their written comprehensive examinations, they must have at least a total score of satisfactory or above and four out of the six have to be satisfactory.

What is the average score for national counselor exam? ›

The NCE Handbook contains a comprehensive explanation of the grading system that is used for the NCE. The average of the NCE is 50, which is also the case for many other scales connected to the normal curve.

What is the criteria for comprehensive exam? ›

Students who take a comprehensive exam must have completed all of the coursework, and if relevant to their field of study, they may need to have completed a doctoral residency prior to taking the exam. Other requirements include a request form for the comprehensive exam that must be filled out and submitted.


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